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We teach marketing firms, business leaders and nonprofit organizations communication skills to amplify their voice and maximize their impact.

Our clients have received over $1.2 Million of investment to fund their idea or expand their business.



We provide training solutions that include group workshops, one-on-one coaching and online tools that build confidence and enable your team to communicate effectively to achieve successful results.  



“Ashley's work in targeting our specific needs was excellent and his training was essential to our participants. ”

— Partner, Social Venture Partners

Our Approach



We all want to be great presenters, but what exactly makes for a great presentation? Through examples we’ll share and discuss the ingredients of great presentations. By analyzing presentations you’ll gain a better understanding of how critical components such as storytelling, data visualization, photography, body language and voice come together to make presentations engaging and powerful.


“I would strongly recommend Ashley to anyone that wants to communicate more concisely and take the next step in building and growing their company.”

— Founder, Life365 Inc.



Now that we’re on the same page with what makes a presentation great we’ll get into the specifics of how to create your presentation. You’ll learn how to align your goals with the expectations of your audience, how to use story to give your topic meaning and how to choose the right photography and visual styling to support your message rather than overpower it. And most importantly how to bring them all together in one killer presentation.


“I highly recommend the workshop to anyone looking to sharpen his or her presentation skills.”

– Team Lead, Amazon Web Services



Research has shown that 80% of what your audience takes away is based on how you present it, rather than what you present. Body language, tone of voice, gestures, and even what you’re wearing all impact audience perceptions. Scary right? Not to worry we’ll show you the techniques for delivering your presentation with enthusiasm and confidence.


“Ashley does a great job guiding leaders through the process of developing their story and preparing to tell that story to large audiences.”

– CEO, Children's Clinics


Our Clients